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Share Love. Show Love. Be Shaped by Love.

"Everyone will know you are my disciples if you love one another." John 13:35


Rev. Jonathan E.L. Brooks, M.Div affectionately known as Pastah J serves as Senior Pastor at Canaan Community Church in West Englewood. Canaan is a non-denominational church which seeks to bring value to everyone with which they come in contact. He is a gifted preacher and teacher who is comfortable preaching in diverse contexts.

Through various partnerships and Canaan Community Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC), their not for profit community development company, Canaan provides youth development, holistic health options, college scholarships, adult education classes and continual support to the incarcerated and their families living in Greater Englewood and other Chicago communities.

Due to his years of Pastoral experience in both youth and senior pastor roles, Pastah J is often called on to preach to adults, youth and young adults. Although a non-denominational pastor, Jonathan is both licensed and ordained through the baptist denomination and is a graduate of Northern Theological Seminary in Lombard, IL. His ministers license is accredited through the Illinois Clergy Registration Data Commission and he is an accredited chaplain and experienced counselor available for spiritual, biblical, premarital or marital counseling.