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Community Activist

Reclaiming our own narrative! #englewoodrising

One Lawndale Unity Service

Pastah J at R.A.G.E "So Fresh Saturdays"

Getting a haircut at Powell's Barber Shop

1,000 mile march, sponsored by the Inner City Muslim Action Network, which was commemorating Dr. King's infamous march through the south side of Chicago. It was an honor for us to March alongside Canaan's own Mrs. Pat Devine-Reed one of the legacy marchers who was a part of the original March with Dr. King 50 years ago!

Although Pastah J now resides in the North Lawndale community he was a long time resident of the West Englewood community on the south side of Chicago. As someone who has been connected to this south side community his entire life he truly understands the sense of pride and resilience that comes from being raised here. Like many of the young people in both of these communities he felt as if "escapism" was his only recourse in life if he wanted to have what Jesus calls the "abundant life" in John 10:10. However, as he soon found out, Christ never wanted us to flee where he has placed us looking for somewhere better, he actually wants us to engage it and love it so that we desire for everyone in our community what we desire for ourselves.

To this end, you can find Pastah J hanging on the porch with his neighbors in either one of these amazing communities. He may be enjoying a warm latte at the Kusanya Cafe in  Englewood or the Green Tomato Cafe in Lawndale.  Hanging out at Powell's Barber Shop in Englewood or Principle Barbers in Lawndale. Volunteering with the Resident Association of Greater Englewood or with the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council. These are all opportunities, to "be the change he wants to see in the world" as often quoted by Dr. King.

Below are links to a few community organizations and spaces  that share in his view of both Englewood and North Lawndale as places to invest and no longer escape.

Protesting the shooting of unarmed African Americans in our community.

Hanging out at the Kusanya Cafe

Presenting Pastor's Choice Award at 10th Annual Route 66 Classic Car Show!

Prayer for Chicago Police Officers and Educators

Lawndale Community Church Outdoor Service

Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.) Village meeting being held at Canaan Community Church.

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